Revive Your Business: 8 Sure Strategies to Bounce Back to Business after a Pandemic.

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Ever since March 2020, when the deadly coronavirus visited Kenya, with the nationwide lock-down in tow, your business seems to be devastated. The culprit is Covid-19, the world-shattering pandemic. How are you going to revive your business?

The effect is devastating and crushing.

Cheer Up! There’s a Solution

Regardless, you know it: Something must be done to stem the tide. The situation is urgent; your business must be saved at all costs.

Happily, help is at hand, cheer up.

Yes, there is a glimmer of hope to revive your business back to glory soon after this dreadful lock-down.

Like the proverbial phoenix, using these eight simple tips, your business can be caused to rise the ashes and thrive with startling prosperity.   

1. Inject new strategies

If you want to succeed in turning around the fortunes of a flagging business, you must change your strategy, including the essential market posturing. You should engineer a significant overhaul to make the business tick.

There are no two ways about it.

Keep in mind that, for your business to stand out from the rest, you must work round the clock to make the enterprise a fantastic brand.

Yes, come up with a new strategy to make your business outstanding in every sense.

That is what will make it rise head and shoulders above the rest.

Of course, no one wants to run an ordinary, commonplace business. Ask yourself: ‘Why should customers come to my restaurant and not my neighbors’?

Give them a reason to troop in and come back. Design a strategy.

2. Remodel your business

When a business is getting ruined, the ordinary entrepreneur may not immediately think about remodeling or rebranding as a viable option to hoist the enterprise back to its feet.

That notwithstanding, experience has proved that rebranding can do wonders to revive a waning or ruined business. Indeed, strategic remodeling can remarkably revolutionize the fortunes of a company, restoring great prosperity.

It is, hence, imperative for business owners to consider doing this as soon as the lock-down lapses.

The result may surprise you.

While doing this, exercise caution. That is the name of the game.

3. Take an online course

Make sure your business and its primary products are correctly positioned. This is one of the essential characteristics of a successful rebranding exercise. Keep in mind that, under the current circumstances, a rebrand does not mean making a simple change in your usual business logo.

You can take a short crash course to familiarize yourself with the art and science of successful rebranding small businesses. Since it is available online, you should take the course right now as you patiently wait for the world to open up.

4. Take action.

Do not wait. Once you realize that your business is clearly on its deathbed, swing into action. Be proactive. Take action now. Do not wait for irreversible changes to jolt you into it.

Of course, if you dilly dally, it will soon be late. You, therefore, need to act fast.

Not only is such action typically preventative, but it is also corrective in the final analysis. Indeed, this is the secret to curing a business that some had written off as a classic ‘beyond redemption’ story. If you noted some glaring issues with your business, this is the time to fix it.

Leave nothing to chance. Your life depends on the survival of your business.

Some business owners try to save their business in a rather simplistic way: They try to cut expenses. Often, this method merely delays the inevitable: Death of the company.

The best option is to take specific action now to save your ailing business.

5. Design a fresh marketing plan

Another strategic way to revive your business after the pandemic is to exploit the power of social media to the maximum.

For instance, optimize your website. Make sure that, when the customers search for your business, they find your website. Is it possible that you initially exaggerated the market size? Was your market research poorly done?

You can re-energize your business after lock-down by implementing a brand new marketing plan. This will make you start on a clean slate and likely boost the fortunes of the business.

Such a strategy will do particularly well if you feel that things were not working well previously.

Yes, get your business safely out of a rut with a new marketing deal.

6. Target specific customers

As the sages put it, extraordinary times call for exceptional action.

As a business owner, don’t try to do many things at once. You will be overwhelmed.

Remember that, at times, if you target to catch every customer, you may end up finding none.

You need to get specific in this regard. Think about it: Are you sure about your particular customer targets? Consider whether you are doing what it takes to capture new customers in these unusual times.

7. Narrow down your niche

As noted, do not attempt to be perfect at everything.

Choose a niche.

Specialize and put yourself in a better position to satisfy the needs of a specific category of customers. This might mean that you should rethink the viability of products that you always offered in times past.

Of course, if you are running a small business that was previously doing well, there is no problem in resuming work with the same strategy and products.

After all, in all wisdom, who changes a winning team?

8. Take risks to revive your business

Many business people tend to play it safe during troubled times, believing that it is the wisest option.

Well, this is not always true. Instead, you can take calculated risks with your business after the lock-down eases.

Experience proves that if the business is slowly dying, taking a thoughtful, well-calculated risk with certain aspects of the venture could be the game-changer that saves the day.

Yes, think about it: You have little to lose if the business is dying. It is better to try some new and crazy ideas rather than play conservative.

Ultimately, this is a win-win situation.

According to the United Nations Trade and Development Agency, the ultimate cost of the coronavirus disaster in the world economy is estimated to be a whopping $1 trillion. 

A conservative estimate by Bloomberg Economics puts the worst-case scenario at a staggering $2.7 trillion. That is about Ksh 270 trillion, which translates to the overall GDP of the United Kingdom.

That is how bad the coronavirus hits us.

Revive your business

Do not wait to share in this devastating loss.

Take action now using the tips outlined in this post. Save your business from collapse. Be completely confident using these tried, tested, and proven methods.

Further, we, at the Corido Marketplace have a tonne of solutions that can help you deal with such issues such as selling or liquidating  your part or whole of your business as part of a carefully considered strategy? Contact us today. We will get right back to you with similar practical advice and guidance.

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This is a guest post by John O. Ndar.

John is a passionate and dedicated blog content writer for hire. Taught English in several high schools in Kenya for the last 17 years. Has contributed topical articles to national newspapers and magazines. My greatest joy is to make my clients happy. Find him on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


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