5 Best Tips For Used Gas/Electric Cooker in Kenya

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In this article, we are going to gain a few insights about used gas/electric cooker in Kenya. This information will be helpful to persons looking forward to buy or sell one in Kenya. We might not focus so much on the brand-new appliances or even get to the technical details of a cooker. Simply because, one can easily find information about each appliance and the specification on each preferred brand’s website.
Rather, this article is going to highlight on the following

  • The differences between a cooker, microwave and an oven,
  • The best brands available in Kenya,
  • The difference between buying a brand-new cooker and a secondhand cooker
  • The price of a secondhand or used cooker in Kenya
  • And finally, what Corido Maketplace can do to assist you in buying or selling of your home appliances with ease.

It is going to be useful to understand a few things before you consider pricing or selling your home appliances.

1. Best Gas and Electric Cooker Brands in Kenya

Here is a list of well-known and commonly used gas and electric cooker brand in Kenya in 2021

  • Lg Cooker
  • Samsung Cooker
  • Ariston Cooker
  • Botch Cooker
  • Hotpoint / Von Cooker
  • Bruhm Cooker

2. Difference between a Gas/Electric Cooker, Oven and Microwave

A gas or electric cooker is a kitchen appliance use for cooking or heating food. It produces heat through the burners straight to a cookware.

An oven is a kitchen appliance mainly used for baking, warming or heating food. An oven has a heating element which heats the air which then heats any substance placed inside.

A microwave is a kitchen appliance which uses microwave radiation which is the source of heat that heats any substance placed below it.

3. Difference between a used cooker and a brand-new cooker appliance

The main difference between a used cooker and brand-new cooker on sale is the condition of the item, the price, the technical support. Secondhand kitchen appliance do not come with warrant from the third party. And if they do, that’s just an agreement or insurance that the current dealer or reseller will cater or provide technical support incase of any issue within a given period of time.

A used gas cooker costs way less than a brand new one due to depreciation. I have come across home owners who values a secondhand cooker similarly or close to a brand new one. With all fairness, any appliance being sold by third party has already depreciated with a lot of factors despite it being in good condition.


4. Types of cookers used in homes

Here is a list of types of cookers found in Kenyan market. They include:

  • Table top cooker
Gas & Electric cooker , table top electric cooker
Von Electric 2 Burner Counter Top Cooker

This type of cooker is smaller in size. It’s also referred to as countertop cooker. Mostly the table top cooker is placed on a table, customized kitchen stand, kitchen sink or even on a stool if the room is smaller. The table top cooker comes either as a single, double burner or a four-burner. Table top cookers have options in all the four categories of gas burners, gas and electric burners, or electric burners only. Other smaller types of table top cookers are mainly used in camping sites due to its light weight and portability.

  • Gas cooker with convection Oven
Bosch 5 burner Gas Cooker
Bosch 5 Burner Gas Cooker

Most gas cookers in Kenya have 4 burners and they are all gas only. They have an oven attached to it at the lower section. Due to its price friendliness, most middle class prefer using it in large numbers. A 5-burner and 6 burner gas cookers are also another common type used in Kenyan households more specifically in rich neighborhoods. Another important aspect to note on gas cookers is that they must have a source of gas. Either a gas cylinder which comes in two sizes (6kg and 13kg) or a gas manufacturing plant like bio gas.

Another advantage that a gas cooker has over the electric cooker, is the fact that one can use a match box to light it up.

Some gas cooker cookers come with an inbuilt electric igniter. That means, you will not require a separate igniter to light it up.

  • Electric Cooker

An electric cooker is an appliance which uses electricity as source of power to heats its burners used for cooking. Electric cookers also have different number of burners or heaters as you may call it. Starting with 4 burners all the way to six burners. That means you can prepare different dishes at the same time thus saving you time. One of the biggest disadvantages about all electric cookers is that without electricity, the appliance won’t work.

  • Gas and Electric Cooker
Von Gas Electric Cooker 1
Gas & Electric Cooker

This is a combination of gas and electric cooking feature within the same appliance. Some call it “All-In-One”. A four-burner cooker comes with three gas burners and one electric plate. While a six-burner cooker would come with two electric plate and four gas burners. There are those cookers whose oven uses a gas to heat while others use electricity to heat the oven. My personal preference has always been to use the one which heats the oven using electricity. I will reserve my own opinion and let the public do the judgement.

  • Induction cooker
Induction Hob 1 1
5 Best Tips For Used Gas/Electric Cooker in Kenya 5

Induction cooker is an appliance which uses electromagnetic field to transfer heat below the glass surface to a magnetic induction cookware place above. Contrary to the other tradition of a cooker heating its burners first then transferring heat to the cooking pan, Induction cooker transfers the heat directly to the food through the induction plate. However, this process is way faster compared to any other medium and thus saving time and energy.                  

5. Prices of a secondhand Gas/Electric cooker in Kenya

The prices of the gas cookers and electric cookers differ in a number of ways. Therefore, different factors have to be put into consideration while choosing a cooker for your usage.

They include:

  • Your budget
  • The usage or reason for buying the kitchen appliance
  • The size of your living spaces
  • Your gas & electric cooker preference
  • The availability of the appliance in the market
  • Etc.

In brief, I may not provide specific prices of the gas and electric cookers simply because they different in state, quality, size and usage. But any used cooker would cost somewhere half the price of a new one depending.

Dealers In used Gas/Electric Cooker in Kenya

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